Make all Railscast Projects

I came across a post about someone asking what was the best way to learn Ruby on Rails via Quora. One answer suggested one of the best ways was to follow along with every Railscast project then upload the repo to both GitHub and Heroku. I liked the concept, so I have bought a membership of Railscast and have downloaded all the episodes.

While the goal is to create every project, I will watch every episode and decide if it would be useful to make the project or not. Some episodes are just small tips, so creating a new project just to use that one tip seems inefficient.

I might be repeating what episodes showed, but I found that writing about what I learnt from the episode solidifies what I have learnt. Similar to language learning, you need a balance of input and output to get good at any skill. The input here are the Railscast episodes and the things I look up to finish the apps, and the output are the working app and the blog post.

The first few days of trying this method, I created an app then wrote up the blog post. This takes a lot of context switching between tasks. I am currently trying to go through as many Railscasts in one day, then writing about each the following day.

Change the data type of a column in the database

I accidentally created a column in the database with the datatype of string when it needed to be a integer. I’m on the BART, so I didn’t have internet. Fortunately I have a copy of the Rails repo and its guides. I opened up and read to the changing tables section. Saw the following:

change_table :products do |t|
  t.remove :description, :name
  t.string :part_number
  t.index :part_number
  t.rename :upccode, :upc_code

I followed this and created the following migration:

change_tabe :products do |t|
  t.remove :price_in_cents
  t.integer :price_in_cents

Generate a scaffolded controller after making model

I’m starting to post each time I have to look up something online. I first created a products model, then I migrated the database. I needed a normal scaffolded ProductsController, and I found a StackOverflow question. “rails generate scaffold” when model already exists

I didn’t know there was so many generators until I saw the output of rails generate -h


Typed in rails g scaffold_controller product, and it did as it was supposed to do.