Emacs Ruby on Rails Mode: Rinari

I have been developing with Ruby on Rails and Emacs for a good three months now, but I haven’t been using the emacs editor to its full potential. Nothing illustrates that more than not using a Ruby on Rails minor mode like Rinari. I just enabled rinari-minor-mode today and watched the introduction Rinari Screencast, and I’m blown away at how much time I could be saving using come of the commands shown.

You could switch over to the controllers, models and views using the c-c ; f c, m, or v command keys. What I was really looking for was to make the erb <%= %> tags, and the rinari minor mode can do that as well with c-c ' e.


 C-c ; f c  rinari-find-controller
 C-c ; f e  rinari-find-environment
 C-c ; f f  rinari-find-file-in-project
 C-c ; f h  rinari-find-helper
 C-c ; f i  rinari-find-migration
 C-c ; f j  rinari-find-javascript
 C-c ; f l  rinari-find-plugin
 C-c ; f m  rinari-find-model
 C-c ; f n  rinari-find-configuration
 C-c ; f o  rinari-find-log
 C-c ; f p  rinari-find-public
 C-c ; f s  rinari-find-script
 C-c ; f t  rinari-find-test
 C-c ; f v  rinari-find-view
 C-c ; f w  rinari-find-worker
 C-c ; f x  rinari-find-fixture
 C-c ; f y  rinari-find-stylesheet
C-c ; s    rinari-script              
C-c ; e    rinari-insert-erb-skeleton 
C-c ; r    rinari-rake                
C-c ; w    rinari-web-server          
C-c ; x    rinari-extract-partial     
C-c ; ;    rinari-find-by-context     
C-c ; d    rinari-cap
C-c ; q    rinari-sql
C-c ; t    rinari-test
C-c ; c    rinari-console
C-c ; g    rinari-rgrep
C-c ; p    rinari-goto-partial
C-c ; '    rinari-find-by-context

more bindings can be seen with c-h b. I just learnt about this command through the Rinari video. It is useful because you can see all the commands associated to different minor modes.