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I’m ‘The Cool Cat’

I’ve been looking up startup jobs on AngelList today, and I came across a company that made TidePool. TidePool is an app that combines some of the topics I’ve been interested in for awhile, brain health tracking, self improvement, and psychology. In order to see, if I would even be interested working at the company, I downloaded the app.

When I first opened the app, I was brought to a personality test. The questions asked me how much of a particular attribute I would rate myself as, as well as how ‘close’ the attributes to me. I enjoyed the personality test so much, that by the end I wanted to learn more about the research behind the questions asked. The UI was interesting as well. You might guess that the user would choose from a scale of 1 – 10, but instead it was a body that filled with a percentage. I’m wondering if this was a purely aesthetic decision or functional decision. I could imagine that the body being filled with a percentage could be analogous to a person’s kinesthetic ‘feeling’ of what was the correct percentage for themselves.

Anyways, the reason I was drawn to write this post was because of the accuracy of the personality test. I liked the wording of the output, so I wanted to put it on my blog.



  • You excel at envisioning big ideas, and then influencing and persuading others to come along with you
  • You’re good at controlling your emotions and rarely lose your cool
  • Make sure to analyze various perspectives and approaches before diving in and tackling a problem or assignment


Looks like you know how to talk, and you have the ability to influence and persuade others when it comes to reaching professional and relational goals. One reason people may be willing to follow your lead is that you display the helpful ability of being able to control your negative emotions. When obstacles arise, you don’t overreact. Instead, you remain calm and composed.

This emotional stability helps you not only in your dealings with others, but also in your own individual life. You often rely on your own insights and intuition when making decisions, and the more you can do that from a place of calm and objectivity, as opposed to high emotion or distress, the more likely it is that whatever decisions you make and risks you take will pay off.

Speaking of those risks, do your best to consider possible landmines when you’re making decisions. You love the big idea, and your confidence and assertiveness can help you achieve things others can’t. But beware of your tendency to charge into a situation without considering all other alternatives. Don’t change who you are; just be willing to listen to other options as you proceed toward the personal and professional goals you’re aiming to achieve.

Like I mentioned earlier, I really want to learn about why I got the results I did and what the thought processes were when app design decisions were being made. I’ll be message the founders, so I hope to get some answers to these questions and more.

A few things that the app could improve on. After the personality test, the app should redirect to the profile page instead of the unrelating leaderboard page. When I read the personality test’s results, I immediately wanted to share it out to Twitter. What stopped me was the share button’s default text. “I’m the Cool Cat! Find out your personality with TidePool!.” There wasn’t a link to the app, and some of the details behind ‘I’m the Cool Cat!’ were left out. This doesn’t give me much reason share it out.

I also thought that the test’s results were too positive. I would’ve liked to see some more negative results to balance the results out. Currently it gives me the feeling of some psychic cold reading me after telling a few things about myself in order to have me return for another session later. ie cheap. Where’s the science?

I’m looking forward to using the app more.

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